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When we approach a game studio with a proposal, the idea is simple. Provide us with free game keys, in-game goodies, or other benefits for our premium subscribers. And in exchange, we give the game a feature to a much larger free subscriber list, and potentially give them a boost of our premium players. Big caveat here is that we only accept good quality games. But basically, this is how Loot Happens works.

The more premium subscribers we have, the more power we have at the negotiating table. Let's talk about value for a moment. Loot Happens is $4/month or $40/year.

In the last 12 months the average monthly value of our loot for premium subscribers has been $38.50. Math is hard, but this is roughly 10x what you are paying as a premium subscriber.

The real magic behind Loot Happens is in our collective of premium subscribers that then allows us to go out and find amazing games/loot to give to those subscribers. Consider becoming a Loot Happens premium subscriber, and welcome.

Loot Happens negotiates with game studios, marketing agencies, indie developers and mobile studios to get amazing stuff for our subscribers.

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