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Grym Wonder New Release: Game Key For Premium Subscribers

This week, we have an awesome brand new indie game available to all premium subscribers that releases to the public TODAY. Immerse yourself in the challenging world of Grym Wonder, created as a power fantasy game with rogue-lite elements. In this game, the evil spirits capture your kingdom, and you'll be a monster who has to save the kingdom! Fight, collect, and improve your skills & weapons to win!

All the details for premium subscribers to collect their game key are below:

25 Free Entries into CheatHappens.com Game-A-Day Giveaway: Premium Subscribers

Cheathappens.com is offering our premium subscribers a chance to get 25 free entries into any game-a-day giveaway over the next 2 weeks. That means, you can use this entry once, but choose the day/game that interests you. You must have a valid account with Cheathappens.com and must be logged in.

Free Skin Worth $29 From AIDASkins: Premium Subscribers

AIDA64 Extreme is a special tool that provides over 50 pages of information on hardware configuration. It collects information about installed programs, software, Windows settings, and security applications. AIDA Skins allows users to customize the AIDA application with unique HUD themes.

Time of the Clones: Key Giveaway For Free Subscribers

Time of the Clones is a puzzle game about a mad scientist's creation: a time machine capable of returning individuals to the future. In this game, you'll have to solve riddles relying only on your logic. Move objects, loop the time, complete levels, and do everything to help your clone escape the time loop!

The game would be a mental challenge as players will face the complexities of the time paradox. While the core gameplay revolves around solving puzzles, the narrative adds another layer of intrigue

If you would like to be in the running for a key, hit reply and just put 'clones'. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 24 hours.

Grym Wonder: 3 Keys For Free Subscribers

Free subscribers can also try the newly released Grym Wonder for free. We're giving away 3 free keys! Grym Wonder is a power-fantasy game with rogue-lite elements. In this game, the evil spirits capture your kingdom, and you'll be a monster who has to save the kingdom! Fight, collect, and improve your skills & weapons to win!

If you would like to be in the running for a key, hit reply and just put 'wonder'. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 24 hours.

Free Codes on Mobile Game 'Halfling Dale'

Halfling Dale is an interactive story game shaped by your choices. Thanks to your brother's actions, you have a reputation as a 'disturber of the peace'. You'll spend a year in The Dale to explore the village, make friends, and regain your good reputation!

The developers of this game are giving 30 keys for the full version: 15 for Android and 15 for iOS. These keys unlock all the stories and choices, making the gameplay even more captivating.

If you would like to be in the running for a full version of Halfing Dale, hit reply and just put 'halfdale iOS' or 'halfdale Android' depending on your phone. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 24 hours.

Historically Low Prices

The Loot Happens section on our website keeps a record of past discounts on games, as well as current ones available in the gaming industry. Our web crawlers work tirelessly every day to find the best deals across the gaming landscape.

These games are not just any games, but titles we truly love and highly respect. Currently, you can purchase them at prices that we have never seen before!

Hades [PS5]

Take advantage of the discount of the week!
$̶̶24.99 $12.49

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The Thaumaturge Deluxe Edition [Steam]

Dive deeper into the world of The Thaumaturge with a discount!
$̶̶44.27 $28.75

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Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator [Steam]

Make your car a business in a Taxi Life!
$̶̶32.81 $22.55

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Nintendo Switch]

Take advantage of the ongoing Mario sale!
$̶̶59.99 $39.99

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Mortal Kombat 11 [PS5]

Save 90% on Mortal Kombat 11! Offer ends on March, 28.
$̶̶49.99 $4.99

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen [Steam]

Save up to 89% with this deal!
$̶̶32.81 $3.74

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Madden NFL 24 [PS5]

The exclusive deal for the true American football fan!
$̶̶69.99 $13.99

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Pacific Drive [Steam]

Survive with your car companion and take advantage of 33% discount!
$̶̶32.81 $21.89

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles [Nintendo Switch]

Unravel the truth behind mysteries and defend the innocent people.
$̶̶39.99 $15.99

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Choosing the featured game of the week was difficult, but our team agreed that Outcast: A New Beginning is the game of the week. The original Outcast was ahead of its time upon release in 1999, and Appeal Studios tried to repeat the success, combining a vibrant world with enjoyable vertical exploration.

Alien World - Worth Exploring

Outcast: A New Beginning might not boast the best gameplay and the grandest open world, with just seven towns scattered across its alien expanse. But what it lacks in sheer size, it makes up for in vibrancy. Adelpha feels alive.

The world captivates with its diverse biomes. From the emerald embrace of jungles to the sun-bleached expanse of sandy coasts, and the stark beauty of icy mountains, each area is meticulously crafted. This isn't just a horizontal sprawl; Adelpha is a world that stretches skyward.

Unlike many open worlds that resemble featureless plateaus, Adelpha boasts a striking verticality. Players clamber up towering rock pillars to reach hidden villages, soar through dense treetops with their gliders, and truly experience the world in three dimensions. This dynamic design is a breath of fresh air compared to the often monotonous landscapes of other titles.

Does Revolution Happen?

Even though the game do feel unique, and the in-game open world is really great, it's worth keeping in mind that revolution didn't happen for the second time. The original Outcast might have charted new territory in its era, its sequel, A New Beginning, stumbles upon the challenge of translating past glory into the present. The game's structure and core gameplay loop feel like relics from a bygone era, failing to resonate with modern expectations.

The mission design leans heavily on two pillars: assisting the Talan with mundane errands and conquering enemy bases. Talan missions often devolve into repetitive chores like fetch quests, resource gathering, and item deliveries.

Conquering human bases offers little innovation. Players follow a predictable routine of activating terminals, resorting to explosive solutions, or simply freeing a captive. The lack of fresh ideas in these core activities leads to a quick descent into monotony.

Bottom Line

Despite a strong showing, Outcast: A New Beginning takes home the title of "Game of the Week." While it might not boast the most polished gameplay or the vastest open world shines with its vibrant landscapes. It's a good choice for players seeking a unique world to explore, but those expecting a modern gaming experience might find it lacking.

Next Week

Lots to look forward to in every newsletter and we are in active communication with several developers and studios. More to come next week!

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