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Blake and Mortimer: The Curse of the Thirty Denarii: Key Giveaway For Premium Subscribers

Credit: Mzonestudio

Join Blake and Mortimer in this week's premium game Blake and Mortimer: The Curse of the Thirty Denarii for a thrilling adventure. Professor Mortimer is called to Greece to examine the thirty silver denarii paid to Judas Iscariot. With a legendary curse and the coins missing, humanity's fate is at risk. Team up with Captain Blake and Mortimer on a globetrotting investigation. Explore detailed locations, uncover hidden objects, and solve brain-teasing puzzles and mini-games, including Match-3 and sliding block puzzles.

Dungeon of Elements: Key Giveaway For Free Subscribers

Credit: Frogdice

Dungeon of Elements blends RPG dungeon crawling with puzzle game combat inspired by Dr. Mario and Tetris. Help the Alchemy Guild of Primordiax regain its glory by exploring three continents and 45 dungeons, facing 56 enemy types and 12 bosses. Craft legendary weapons, customize your character, befriend pets, and unlock achievements. The story adapts to your choices, and you can compete with friends to clear dungeons or complete the game the fastest. Enjoy a fun and immersive experience combining diverse gameplay styles.

If you would like to be in the running for a key, hit reply and just put 'dungeon'. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 48 hours

Cocoon: Key Giveaway For Free Subscribers

Credit: Geometric Interactive

COCOON offers a fresh and engaging twist on the puzzle adventure genre. In this puzzle adventure, each world is contained within an orb you carry, allowing you to leap between them and solve intricate puzzles by combining and manipulating these orbs. Explore alien environments filled with biomechanical devices and remnants of an ancient civilization. Travel through diverse biomes, from industrial landscapes to vast organic caverns, uncovering the connections between them as you unravel a cosmic mystery.

If you would like to be in the running for a key, hit reply and just put 'cocoon'. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 48 hours

Stride Fates: Multiple Key Giveaway For Free Subscribers

Credit: Joy Way

Stride Fates takes the exhilarating freerunning gameplay to new heights with an immersive, story-driven experience. You start from the bottom and strive to ascend the ranks of the elite SkyChase police force. The parkour-based movement in Stride Fates stands out, offering unparalleled smoothness perfected from earlier demos and multiplayer modes. Levels are well-designed, providing a linear progression with enough openness for exploration and finding weapons. Mastering parkour is crucial, especially in arena-based levels where quick movement is key to survival.

We have multiple keys available for Steam and Playstation VR!

If you would like to be in the running for a key, hit reply and just put 'stride'. We will pick a winner and send over the key in 48 hours

Historically Low Prices

This Loot Happens section on our website keeps a record of past discounts on games, as well as current ones available in the gaming industry. Our web crawlers work tirelessly every day to find the best deals across the gaming landscape.

These games are not just any games, but titles we truly love and highly respect. Currently, you can purchase them at prices that we have never seen before!

Grounded [Xbox Series X|S]

Customize your Superstar!
$39.99 $23.99

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Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT [Steam]

Pre-purchase the game for early access.
$65.19 $49.44

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Lords of the Fallen [PS5]

Journey across two expansive, parallel worlds in your epic quest to overthrow Adyr.
$69.99 $34.99

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Unrailed [Steam]

Prevent your train from reaching the end!
$21.72 $3.75

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Forspoken [PS5]

Explore the sprawling realms of Athia.
$69.99 $27.99

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V Rising [Steam]

Awake as a vampire after centuries of slumber.
$38.02 $26.72

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [Steam]

The horns have been sounded and the ravens gathered already.
$54.32 $23.62

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Madden NFL 24 [Xbox Series X|S]

Customize your Superstar!
$69.99 $13.99

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Legendary ninjas reunite in this exciting entry to the STORM series.
$59.99 $39.59

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Credit: Blackbird Interactive

Embark on a journey through the stars like never before with Homeworld 3. This epic space strategy game takes you to the heart of interstellar conflict, where sleek motherships and powerful fleets clash in stunning 3D battles. Get ready to command your armada, explore uncharted territories, and unravel the mysteries of a galaxy on the brink of war. Homeworld 3 is more than a game—it's a cosmic adventure waiting to unfold.

Infinity space war that never ends

Homeworld 3 shines brightest in cooperative play. Skirmishes become a co-op playground, allowing you and a friend to unleash coordinated assaults. War Games, however, feels poorly suited for teamwork, offering less flexibility and a punishing time limit.

Homeworld 3 throws you into the heart of a galactic conflict that stretches endlessly across the cosmos. While the campaign delivers classic Homeworld thrills, it's the sandbox skirmishes that truly showcase the game's brilliance. Here, you forge your battles, choosing to side with the noble Hiigarans or the ruthless Incarnates.

These open-ended battles pit you against human-like AI opponents, creating a war experience that feels dynamic and unpredictable. Unlike the campaign's focused objectives, skirmishes let you unleash chaos, aiming for total annihilation or a strategically targeted mothership strike.

Bottom Line

Homeworld 3 often reminds you of its history, especially in the campaign. After the events of Homeworld 2, Karan S'jet, the mothership's navigator, went on a mission to handle a crisis but never came back. Twenty years later, her student, Imogen S'jet, takes her place with a new mothership and fleet, setting out again without help.

Unlike the original Homeworld, which was simple in its story and maps, Homeworld 3 is much busier. It is a game of contrasts. While some aspects disappoint, the core gameplay loop of skirmishes feels like a faithful return to form. This isn't the perfect sequel I dreamt of, but it offers enough moments of strategic brilliance to keep veteran commanders engaged in the infinite space war

For newcomers, it's an impressive scene; for veterans, it brings back memories of the original mothership leaving Kharak, starting one of the best strategy games ever made. It's enough to give you chills

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