How This All Works

How This All Works

Loot Happens is a pretty basic idea. In the pantheon of choices that now exist for the modern gamer, we want to give those gamers a curated package of goods every week. They vary a bit from week to week, but it usually includes game keys, in-game currencies, skins, feature access, and others. These are available to premium subscribers with no limits, and free subscribers will be added for single key giveaways and other benefits.


In one of our more recent newsletters, our subscribers received the following:

Premium Subscribers
One game key to a popular indie game on Steam
$9 worth of in-game currency on an iOS mobile game
Custom skins in an iOS and Android mobile game

Free Subscribers
Two game key giveaways
List of exclusive deals on games
Editorial content

How Do I Receive These?

Everything Loot Happens doles out comes to you in the form of a weekly newsletter. All the game keys, codes and anything else you might receive, you will find in that email. The day of the week may vary a bit, but you can be assured that we will not miss a beat. If you are worried that our emails will end up in your spam folder, be sure to whitelist our email address

You can also login to our website here at and see the content pertaining to your subscriber level at anytime.

Why Should I Go Premium?

The real reason is because it's worth it. The only way we get these deals is by incentivizing the studios and marketing companies with our subscriber list. It allows us to provide more than 10x the market value of your subscription fee every single month.

Unsubscribe Anytime

Loot Happens can't be all things to all people and we respect that. You can cancel your subscription any time with a simple click of a button. No harm, no foul.

Loot Happens negotiates with game studios, marketing agencies, indie developers and mobile studios to get amazing stuff for our subscribers.

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